Reader Question:

My co-worker delivers myself notes in the office, texts me personally after finishing up work as well as questioned me to check-out church together, but this lady has not consented to day us to meal or coffee or something.

Is she merely attempting to properly figure myself completely initially? Does she just like me and is just timid? Was we reading way too much into this?

-Chris (Ohio)

Gina Stewart’s Solution:

You’re straight to feel baffled. Those several combined signals. If you’re into this girl, you are able to go ahead in 2 means:

1. On her terms and conditions. Accept her provide to church or whatever else.

2. Make a safe environment for her to figure you completely.

By that, after all when you have a workplace that has even more co-workers, plan a group activity to receive her to nicely: lunch, happy time, bowling, supper after finishing up work.

This has multiple advantages. It isn’t really a date. It’ll develop companionship within office. It offers you a social environment receive a far better read on the woman reasons and interactions to you.

Or you could have to accept you’re the woman “work partner.”

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