Dubbing and Voiceover

With several years of experience working with global companies, we are confident that we can provide the exact product you are looking for.
At Vigosonic, we work with a variety of experienced voice actors of all ages.
Regardless of the age of your character, our actors of the same age will provide the voice of that generation authentically. As we strive to make sound for every content alive, it is not a surprise that we are regarded as Myanmar's leading dubbing service.

You can count on us for these dubbing services:

  • Dubbing services for commercials
  • Dubbing of movies
  • Dubbing for television
  • The dubbing of narrations
  • A dubbing service for animations
  • The voice-over processes

A lexical translation may appear correct if a dictionary for each meaning is consulted. However, if the whole sentence is not considered, it loses its meaning.
By interpreting your translator's script from the perspective of everyday life, our adaptors will help you translate your script into spoken Burmese.

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E-Learning VO

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